About the Concrete Institute of Australia

The Concrete Institute of Australia is an independent not-for-profit association providing technical resources, educational seminars and courses, networking events, and industry opportunities for Professional Development of Individual and Company Members who share a common interest in the pursuit of excellence in research, innovation, technology, design, and construction of concrete in Australia.

To achieve this the Institute has a number of objectives it strives to meet that supports the professional development of all members, including provision of technical training, access to technical and research publications, and support for an ethical and professional approach in all areas of concrete industry practice.

The premier event of the Concrete Institute of Australia to do this is through the biennial conference.

Every two years the Institute dedicates the conference to bringing together global leaders in the concrete industry, to consider all aspects of concrete materials and structures, whether it be research, design, construction, maintenance and repair. The conference offers participants from around the world the opportunity to connect face-to-face and to share innovative and interesting ideas from the latest advances in concrete materials to the design and construction of fascinating structures.

The Institute is also committed to bringing global ideas to Australia and looks to hold the conference in conjunction with an internationally recognised organisation. In 2015 the conference hosted the 69th RILEM Week of meetings, along with 140 international guests from 30 different countries. In 2017 in Adelaide, the conference will be held in conjunction with the International Congress on Durability of Concrete.

Internationally, the Institute has many strong relationships, including the Asian Concrete Federation (ACF), the American Concrete Institute (ACI), RILEM, fib, New Zealand Concrete Society (NZCS), the Norwegian Concrete Institute (NCI), Indian Concrete Institute (ICI), Japan Concrete Institute (JCI), the Singapore Concrete Institute (SCI), the UK Concrete Society and the South Africa Concrete Society amongst others.

You can learn more about the Concrete Institute of Australia by checking out their web site. (Link: