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Full Paper Submission Instructions

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Step 4: Write your abstract following the Full Paper Guidelines below.

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A4 Paper Margins

Left and right page margins shall be 2.5 cm.
Top and bottom page margins shall be 2.0 cm.

Required Point Sizes

The required font size for the body of the text is 10 point in Arial.

Line Spacing

Single line spacing is required.


The title should be in bold and centered across the top of the first page in 14 point Arial. Capitalise only the first letter of each main word. The title should clearly and concisely describe the paper.

Authors’ Names and Affiliations

The authors’ names, job title and company/affiliation should be centered below the title. These lines should be in 10 point type. If you cannot fit all authors’ names across the page, please continue listing the remaining authors’ names on a second row, underneath the first. Underline the name of the author who intends to present the paper at the conference (should it be accepted after peer review).


The Abstract should commence with the word “Abstract” followed by a colon and two blank spaces (not blank lines). The text of the Abstract of 100­200 words single-­spaced should then follow. It should reflect the content of the whole paper and typically contain the introduction, key findings and conclusions. The Abstract will be included in an A4 book to be distributed to all conference delegates and is thus an opportunity to promote your paper and encourage conference attendees to look up your full paper in the conference proceedings.

Original Work

All abstracts and full papers must contain original work that has not previously been reported or published. Abstracts and full papers may be from a range of categories, including original research, case studies, and insight or review articles.


Allow one blank line between the Abstract and the Keywords. The word “Keywords” should be at the left margin in bold followed by a colon and two blank spaces (not blank lines). Provide up to 5 keywords that best suit the topic of the paper.


Allow one blank line between Keywords and the text of the full paper. The text shall be justified on the page with a left and right margin of 2.5 cm. Regarding “text”, fill each page before proceeding to the next.


Major headings should be in bold 11­point Arial and left justified without an underline. They may be numbered, if so desired.


Subheadings should be in a bold italics 11­point Arial and left justified without an underline.

Sub subheadings

Sub subheadings should be in bold italics 10­point Arial. The heading and text within a sub subheading should be indented.


Equations are left justified and numbered in Arabic numerals, on the right side.


For best reproduction and handling of any illustrations, they should be included in your word processor file. Make sure that you number and include a caption for each figure used. Photographs should only be used if essential to the clarity of the paper. If used they should be black and white with clear contrast and highly glossed. Colour photos will be reproduced in black and white.


Tables should be placed within the paper as close as possible to the location where they are first mentioned in the text. All tables should have captions and be numbered. The table number and caption should be typed in bold and centred above the table. The first letter of the main words in the caption should be in capitals. Include a blank line between the caption and the table. Ensure that all tables are complete on one page. Large tables may be appended to the paper (see below) or may be typed in the long direction of the page to take up the entire page. In the latter case the top of the table and caption should be against the left hand side, i.e. as viewed from the normal bottom of the page. The font size used in the table should be large enough to be clear and readable in the final Proceedings.

SI Units

Only SI units are to be used in the text.

Use of Proprietary or Brand Names

Proprietary or brand names are not to be used in the text (or visual aids). Authors are advised to use non­-commercially identifying or generic names e.g. Brand A or B, reinforcement from Company X, admixture of melamine base.

Page Numbers, Headers and Footers

Please do not include page numbers, headers, footers or any Concrete 2021 Conference identifications. These will be inserted by the Concrete 2021 Proceedings Publisher.

Page Limit

There is a maximum page limit of eight (8) pages (including any appendices) for the full paper.


Appendices are supplementary or support material which is important to strengthen the technical argument of the paper, but not necessary within the text. They are useful to keep the paper free of lengthy mathematical derivations, calculations, worked examples and large charts or diagrams. If more than one, appendices should be lettered A, B etc, e.g. Appendix A.


Conclusions should be concise, stating the main points of the paper and expressing the author’s views on the practical implications of the results.


If required, you may recognise the contribution of research colleagues, employees and the like, who have contributed to the intellectual effort in the paper and/or its associated research.


References should be indicated in the text by consecutive numbers as they occur in the text and in parenthesis e.g. Smith (1). The numeral should be printed on the same line as the text and not raised above it. Each reference should be listed in full at the end of the text (in sequence) as follows:

  1. Smith, A, “Mechanics of Conferences”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Concrete, 1­4 August
    1998, Sydney, Australia, pp 21­29. (Journal titles may be underlined).

(If there are more than two authors, give the name of the first two authors, followed by “et al.”)

List the references at the end of the paper in the order that they first occur in the main text of the paper.


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